3 Tips For Saving Money On Oxygen Therapy


If you have been prescribed oxygen therapy by your physician, you might be concerned about the cost. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can follow so that you can save money on your therapy. 1. Use Your Insurance Do not assume that you are on the hook for all of your oxygen therapy-related costs. If you were prescribed this therapy by your physician, there is a chance that your health insurance provider will help cover some of the costs.

26 July 2016

The Benefits Of Artificial Larynx Speech After Laryngectomy Surgery


Getting used to not having your own, natural voice can be tough. For many people, dealing with their own silence after laryngectomy surgery can be overwhelming, causing high levels of anxiety and frustration. Learning more about the benefits of artificial larynx speech after losing your natural voice because of laryngectomy surgery is a good idea. Communicating With Pen And Paper Is Time-Consuming If you are thinking about just writing everything down now that you cannot talk, you might consider how much time it could take to explain even a simple topic to someone else that has no knowledge of it.

26 July 2016

Choosing The Right Medical Office Exam Tables


Choosing the best medical office exam tables for your practice can be a big decision, since the functionality of your tables will affect your patients' comfort and your own convenience on a daily basis. Here are some of the qualities of a top tier exam table.  Adjustability The first thing to consider is how quickly you can adjust the exam table based on your patient's size, the area you need to examine, and the lighting in the room.

5 February 2016

Equipment You Should Have In Your Home To Care For Your Loved One Who's In A Wheelchair


If you are taking care of a family member who depends on a wheelchair, then you should equip your home with a few things that will help you to care for them in a safer and easier manner. Once you get your home set up correctly, you can make a better environment that works out well for the both of you. This article will introduce you to some pieces of equipment that can make all the difference to how you care for your loved one.

29 December 2015

An Introduction To Ophthalmic Instruments


The health of the eye is one of the most important parts of proper medical care. Ophthalmologists all around the world use special instruments that provide accuracy and diagnosis. Here are some of the most important tools: Refractor The refractor (also called the phoropter) is used in many cases to measure what kind of prescription glasses or contact lenses someone should have. Keratometer This is used to measure the cornea's shape.

18 December 2015

Tips For Caregivers Considering A Lift Chair For Their Elderly Loved One


Caring for someone elderly can pose physical challenges, one of the greatest being helping that person in and out of chairs. This can be an especially tougher task if your loved one is obese or you are not in the best physical shape. A lift chair can help a lot to take the strain off you while also offering comfort for your loved one. Follow these tips when choosing a lift chair that is most suitable for yours and your loved one's needs.

10 December 2015

Tips For Maintaining Your Mobility As You Age


As you age, it might get more and more difficult to maintain your previous range of motion. As a result, you might find it difficult to leave your house, make dinner, clean, or even go up the stairs. In order to ensure that you are able to retain your mobility as much as possible as you age, you are going to need to take into account the following tips. 1. Consider Group Exercises or Group Physical Therapy Classes

30 November 2015

A Hearing Aid Might Be The Solution For Your Tinnitus


Hearing loss and tinnitus often go together. Tinnitus is a ringing or whooshing sound heard inside your ear. Since the sounds originate inside of your ear, they are much more noticeable when external sounds are muted due to hearing loss. One possible solution to the problem is to wear a hearing aid. Here's how it may help. Drown Out Tinnitus By Amplifying External Noise A hearing aid is a sound amplification device.

18 November 2015

3 Ways Terminally Ill Patients Can Exercise Autonomy (And How You Can Help!)


Seeing a loved one die from a terminal illness is a life-shattering ordeal. Family members and friends often feel helpless in their roles as mere spectators who stand by and watch as a precious light grows dark. Having some form of action plan in place is a great way to feel involved and reduce feelings of helplessness. Certainly, following the suggestions below will not take the pain away for you or your terminally ill loved one.

15 October 2014