The Benefits Of Artificial Larynx Speech After Laryngectomy Surgery


Getting used to not having your own, natural voice can be tough. For many people, dealing with their own silence after laryngectomy surgery can be overwhelming, causing high levels of anxiety and frustration. Learning more about the benefits of artificial larynx speech after losing your natural voice because of laryngectomy surgery is a good idea.

Communicating With Pen And Paper Is Time-Consuming

If you are thinking about just writing everything down now that you cannot talk, you might consider how much time it could take to explain even a simple topic to someone else that has no knowledge of it. While asking for a drink or snack during your recovery in the hospital is a good time to write down your requests, doing so for every conversation you have after you get home is another story.

Your surgeon will explain to you about artificial larynx (AL) speech. Taking the time to make choices about your speech as soon as possible after surgery is best so you will have time to get used to the AL.

AL Speech Can Reduce Your Anxiety And Frustration

The anger, frustration and anxiety you may feel when you cannot get someone to understand what you want to say or what you need can be relieved with AL speech devices. For some people, however, getting used to the device and how it makes their voice sound mechanical is hard. You should know that having patience will pay off in the long run. Before long, everyone you talk to will understand exactly what you're saying just like they did when you talked naturally. Once you get the hang of using an AL device, you will have less anxiety and frustration over the loss of your natural voice.

Keeping Your Job Is A Real Possibility

If your job before surgery was one that required speaking to the public or talking on the phone, you can certainly benefit from an AL device. While many employers would try to find you another position or you may find another job, keeping the one you might have had for several years before your surgery is beneficial for things like your company benefits and retirement plan. For this reason, discussing with your surgeon about getting an AL device and learning to use it as soon as possible is smart. Getting back to your old job can help you get back to your normal life faster.

If you are worried about your friends and family looking at you differently because of using an AL device, keep in mind they would have a much harder time if they could not hear you at all. Talk with your friends and family about the changes that have happened to you and let them know it is okay to ask you questions about it. 

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26 July 2016

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