Choosing The Right Medical Office Exam Tables


Choosing the best medical office exam tables for your practice can be a big decision, since the functionality of your tables will affect your patients' comfort and your own convenience on a daily basis. Here are some of the qualities of a top tier exam table. 


The first thing to consider is how quickly you can adjust the exam table based on your patient's size, the area you need to examine, and the lighting in the room. A high powered motor is needed to quickly rotate the chair and create elevation changes. While some exam tables are essentially built on top of a box, these aren't ideal for maximum functionality; look for a chair that can rotate up and down to accommodate different patient and attendant heights. 


Another beneficial quality is that the exam table is ADA accessible. For instance, an accessible exam table should be able to be lowered down to the height of the patient's wheelchair for easy transfer. Other useful features include arm grips and straps to secure the patient during transfer and examination. 

Storage Readiness

If you want to be well prepared in your exam room, it's a good idea to have more medical office exam tables than you think you will need. A limited time surge in your patients may occur during seasonal upticks, or with the spread of certain illnesses, depending on your area of practice. This makes having a storable exam table critical. A table that's storage ready should fold flat, with legs that can also bend out of place for storage. Box-type exam tables may also have easy disassembly for storage. 


If you wish to make home visits or plan to reshuffle your office at some time, then a portable table is a must. look for medical office exam tables with strong lightweight materials such as titanium. 

Practice-Specific Customization

Finally, make sure that the tables you're looking at can accommodate everything you need in your practice. Gynecologists will want to look at the table's support for stirrups, while others may need a pull-out drawer to hold examination tools. 

While medical office exam tables do rely on a bit of personal preference, the best exam tables will have a variety of features to promote flexibility and customization. If you are able to find tables with high quality materials and all the features, they can last you for years to come. Shop suppliers, like Angelus Medical & Optical medical equipment supplier, for more options.


5 February 2016

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