Tips For Caregivers Considering A Lift Chair For Their Elderly Loved One


Caring for someone elderly can pose physical challenges, one of the greatest being helping that person in and out of chairs. This can be an especially tougher task if your loved one is obese or you are not in the best physical shape. A lift chair can help a lot to take the strain off you while also offering comfort for your loved one. Follow these tips when choosing a lift chair that is most suitable for yours and your loved one's needs.

Considering Various Chair Positions

Several lift chair styles are available for you to choose from, each one offering various settings for movement and positioning. If you choose a chair that has one motor, usually 2-position and 3-position models, it will recline at the same time the footrest comes out. If you want a lift chair that can recline while being against a wall, you will need to choose that has two motors and offers infinite positions. Bear in mind the space necessary for a one-motor model that reclines when shopping for a lift chair. Lift chairs have a connected remote that makes it easy for you or loved one to operate the chair.

Your Loved One's Size Matters

Choosing a lift chair that is most comfortable means you considering one that best fits your loved one. If a chair is too big, your loved one's feet may dangle. If someone's feet do not touch the floor while sitting in a chair, that person will have to struggle to scoot to the edge of the chair before trying to stand up. For some elderly people, scooting to the edge of their seat can be hard to do. If you select a chair that is too small, your loved one's lower back may not get the benefit of comfort provided by lift chairs.

The Best Upholstery Material For Your Lift Chair

Choosing a lift chair that will be easy to keep clean is an important factor to consider when shopping for one. This is especially important if your loved one has trouble eating or drinking. If you choose a velour material, consider how easy or tough it would be to clean and if it is worth keeping a cover over it all the time for its protection from spills. For older people suffering from incontinence, a leather or vinyl covered chair is the best choice because they are easy to clean.

The addition of a lift chair to your home is a great idea for making your loved more comfortable while also lowering your risk of back injuries while lifting and pulling that person up. Taking steps to make care giving as easy as possible is important for you to remain healthy enough to provide the level of care your elderly one needs.

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10 December 2015

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