Tips For Maintaining Your Mobility As You Age


As you age, it might get more and more difficult to maintain your previous range of motion. As a result, you might find it difficult to leave your house, make dinner, clean, or even go up the stairs. In order to ensure that you are able to retain your mobility as much as possible as you age, you are going to need to take into account the following tips.

1. Consider Group Exercises or Group Physical Therapy Classes

Don't give up your gym membership as you get older. It becomes even more important to continue to move regularly or else you are going to end up losing your mobility. See if there are any classes at any gyms nearby and either pick up a gym membership or switch memberships. Look for classes that are specifically designed for people your age in order to ensure that you will not feel left behind by movements that are faster than you are comfortable with. If you suffer a lot of joint pain whenever you put pressure on a joint, then consider water aerobics classes.

If you are reassessing your mobility levels after you have suffered a fall or sustained some sort of injury and had to go to physical therapy, then you have the chance to see if you can get into any group physical therapy classes. Group physical therapy classes allow you to see how other people are adjusting their posture and the moves to fit their own style, helping you figure out how to do the same for yourself. See if your insurance company will pay for you to attend these classes as part of your physical therapy regimen.

2. Work Movement Into Your Every Day Life

If you're only going up one or two floors, consider taking the stairs. Commit to walking around while you talk to friends on the phone. Take up hobbies such as gardening or walking to the park and feeding the ducks. Walk to the corner store instead of driving. Simply walking around more often will help your legs and joints remain strong and loose, as well as decrease the chances that you will fall. This is often easier for many elderly people who do not have the money for a gym membership.

3. Use Handheld Weights While Watching TV

If you watch a lot of TV or perform any other sedentary activity, consider using relatively light, handheld weights and use them to strengthen your arms while you're sitting still. This will help you avoid falls because it will make you strong enough to grab onto rails and other items that could help prevent you from falling if you lose your balance.

For more information, talk to a physical therapist that specializes therapy for the elderly.


30 November 2015

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