A Hearing Aid Might Be The Solution For Your Tinnitus


Hearing loss and tinnitus often go together. Tinnitus is a ringing or whooshing sound heard inside your ear. Since the sounds originate inside of your ear, they are much more noticeable when external sounds are muted due to hearing loss. One possible solution to the problem is to wear a hearing aid. Here's how it may help. Drown Out Tinnitus By Amplifying External Noise A hearing aid is a sound amplification device.

18 November 2015

3 Ways Terminally Ill Patients Can Exercise Autonomy (And How You Can Help!)


Seeing a loved one die from a terminal illness is a life-shattering ordeal. Family members and friends often feel helpless in their roles as mere spectators who stand by and watch as a precious light grows dark. Having some form of action plan in place is a great way to feel involved and reduce feelings of helplessness. Certainly, following the suggestions below will not take the pain away for you or your terminally ill loved one.

15 October 2014